About Us

Hello, mga kaps!

Kaps Worship was launched for an excellent reason: to help worship leaders and worship team members get to the heart of the matter, provide them with resources that they can use to grow in the ministry, and help support our Filipino Christian artists.

Kaps Worship is for everyone who has a passion for loving God, serving people, and leading our teams and our congregation through this specific ministry of leading and singing songs of worship to the Lord.

We will be sharing ideas and tips on becoming better worship leaders and worship team members. We have our Kapstanungan and Payong Worship sections on our blog and social media pages to help answer common issues and problems in the music ministry.

We will aim to provide all resources related to chords and lyrics of Tagalog Christian songs, lyric and cover videos, praise and worship events news, worship team training, promotion of original song compositions from our independent Christian bands and artists, and the development of our Kaps Worship app.

With joy and excitement, by the grace of God and for the glory of the Lord, our prayer is for Kaps Worship to be an excellent platform for everyone looking for resources about the music and worship ministry.

If you have questions, inquiries, suggestions, or requests, kindly email us at admin@kapsworship.com.

You can support Kaps Worship’s ministry through your giving via PayPal or GCASH at +639236219009.

Follow us on our social media pages at @kapsworship.

Glory be to God!

”Music ministry resources for the Filipino worship team!”