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Highest Chords – Victory Worship

Highest chords by Victory Worship, a Tagalog Christian song from the band written by Julius Fabregas, Moira Hernandez, Ily Mark Maniano & Jose Villanueva III.

Song Title: Highest
Victory Worship
Hope Has Come

Transpose and resize your chords:


Verse I:
Majestic Creator
You’re perfect in every way
The Alpha and Omega
How awesome are Your ways
We bow down, we cry out

Verse II:
Life giver, Redeemer
Amazing is Your grace
Full of wonder is Your power
Even angels can’t contain
We bow down, we cry out

We enter in Your gates
Let every voice proclaim
Be enthroned in this place
You are worthy
All heaven shouts Your name
Creation sings Your praise
Great is the King of kings,
( going to bridge)You are holy


Verse I
Chorus (Twice)

/Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
/Holy, holy, holy
Who was/, Who is and coming



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Keep on playing and keep on singing for Jesus and His Glory!

God bless and grace be with you, mga kaps!

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