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Hope Has Come Chords – Victory Worship

Hope Has Come chords by Victory Worship, a Tagalog Christian song from the band written by Charles Bautista and James Sace.

Song Title: Hope Has Come
Victory Worship
Hope Has Come

Transpose and resize your chords:

  -    /-

All of creation singing as one
Declaring the coming of the Light
Emmanuel — our God is with us

Verse II:
All that is lost now will be found
For unto us a child is born
Our mighty God, Jesus is for us

Sing a new song to our God
/For in Him we have overcome
Raise the anthem of our love
Hallelujah! our Hope has come

  -    /-

Verse III:
He is the promise, He is the Word
The coming of life into our world
Everlasting On/e, our God is faithful
Our God is faithful



Peace for my suffering, joy for my weeping,
New life is beginning now!
Your grace never failing, Your love with no
Forever we sing it loud!


   -      [/ 
   -      /   

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