A Thousand Hallelujahs Chords – Victory Worship

A Thousand Hallelujahs chords and lyrics by Victory Worship.

Mula sa album na pinamagatang Tribes at mula rin sa panulat at musika nina Jacqueline de Villiers, Albertus Mostert, Alesia Post & Brian O’Neill.

Song Title: A Thousand Hallelujahs
Artist(s): Victory Worship
Album: Tribes

G  D  Bm D/F#

G                                                         D
May Your praises live in every word we speak
                 Bm                D/F#
And with every gift of breath we breathe You in
All the works that You have done
Consume our hearts
             Bm                                                        D/F#
Who in all the earth compares to who You are
              G                                                              A
Who in all the earth compares to who You are

A thousand hallelujahs
                A                          Bm
God we lift unto Your name
A thousand hallelujahs
                A                       Bm
God we lift up once again
All creation lifts its voice
           A                      Bm
declaring till the end
  D/F#    G            A
O Lord, how great You are

G  D  Bm D/F#

(Repeat verse and chorus followed by Instrumental) 

G  A  Bm A

G                           A
You are holy, strong and mighty
Bm                   A
Everlasting God
G                        A
You are holy, strong and mighty
Bm                    A
Ever faithful God

(Repeat chorus followed by tag)

Bm         G          A               D
O Lord, how great You are

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