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I Adore Chords – Victory Worship

I Adore chords by Victory Worship, a Tagalog Christian song from the band written by Charles Bautista, Lee Simon Brown, Julius Fabregas, Joe Ramos & Elle Tumaliuan

Song Title: I Adore
Victory Worship
Hope Has Come

Transpose and resize your chords:


Verse I:
When my eyes see the storm come near me
When I’m drowned with what the world gives me
When the tide’s all around, arising
Still Your faithful love surrounds

Verse II:
When the shadows are all around, consuming
My sight is fading out, blinding
You remind me of Your song resounding
O my soul will rise to sing

You command the winds to fade
You still my heart with Your embrace

You are my peace, You anchor my heart
You won’t let go, Your love holds me now
[EbJesus, I adore
Your joy comes through, Your grace it surrounds
I will not fear, my strength is Your love
Jesus, I adore

Verse II


Bridge (Twice) :
Who has measured the waters in the palm of
/His hand and knows every detail
Who has marked off the heavens with
/outstretched arms – the Great I Am

Last Bridge:
Who has measured /the waters in the palm
of His hand and knows every detail
Who has marked off t/he heavens with
outstretched arms – the Great I Am


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I hope that we were able to help you out with the chords of I Adore by Victory Worship. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below including requests for chords and lyrics of a specific Tagalog Christian song. We will surely include it in our list of upcoming posts.

Keep on playing and keep on singing for Jesus and His Glory!

God bless and grace be with you, mga kaps!

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