Napakabuti Ng Ating Diyos Chords – Pastor Rommel Guevara


Napakabuti Ng Ating Diyos chords and lyrics mula sa isa sa mga kilalang Filipino Christian artists, Pastor Rommel Guevara. The song was originally released in the year 1995 ngunit muling nakabilang sa kanyang album na pinamagatang Filipino Worship Songs that was released on 2017. 

Pastor Rommel & Susan Guevara is still active in producing Tagalog Christian songs, you can follow them sa kanilang mga social media pages and sa iba’t-ibang online music streaming platforms.

Song Title:
Napakabuti Ng Ating Diyos
Artist(s): Rommel & Susan Guevara
Album: Filipino Worship Songs 2017

Transpose and resize your chords:


Napakabuti ng ating Diyos
‘Di Sya nagbabago     -
Napakabuti ng ating Diyos
Di Sya nagkukulang   -
Itaas ang ngalan Nya
Lahat ng nilikha
Napakabuti nga ng ating Diyos-

(Repeat Verse)

Nais ko’y magpasalamat
Sa ating Diyos
Ang nais ko ay magpuri
Itaas ang ngalan ni He--sus           

(Repeat Verse & Chorus)
(Repeat Verse except last line followed by tag)

Napakabuti nga ng ating Diyo… oosss
Napakabuti nga ng ating Diyos 
Napakabuti nga ng ating Diyo… oosss

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We hope that we were able to help you out with the lyrics and chords for Napakabuti ng Ating Diyos by Rommel Guevara. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below including requests for chords and lyrics of a specific Tagalog Christian song. We will surely include it in our list of upcoming posts.

Keep on playing and keep on singing for Jesus and His Glory!

God bless and grace be with you, mga kaps!

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