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Safe Chords – Victory Worship

Safe chords and lyrics, a Tagalog worship song by Victory Worship.

Mawala man ang lahat, we have our God who will keep us safe in Christ. He is our refuge and our fortress din, hindi lamang sa panahon na ito, kundi sa panahon na darating at hanggang sa magpawalang hanggan.

Song Title: Safe
Artist(s): Victory Worship

Transpose and resize your chords:


Verse I:
Under Your grace, Your mercy amazes me
Under Your wings Your shadow covers me
Your promise of love where my heart is safely undone

Verse II:
Speak to me, Lord Your servant is listening
Over the noise, I hear You whispering
My hope has come and my heart is safely undone

I found my fortress in You
And my soul is anchored with You
My resting place is in Your name
Forever safe

(Repeat Verse II and Chorus)


You are never far away
Always reaching out to save
My weakness covered by Your strength
And I am found forever safe (Repeat twice)

(Repeat Chorus thrice and then end) 

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