Authentically and Personally Worship God

Authentically and Personally Worship God!

Our duty as worship leaders is to authentically and personally worship God.

Hindi nagiging successful ang worship leading natin dahil maganda ang lighting or set-up ng stage.

Minsan kasi sobra ang nagiging focus natin sa lighting, sa decor ng stage, at sa ambiance na gusto natin i-create during worship.

Okay lang naman na pagandahin ang stage, lighting, etc.,

Pero never ever think na may impact ito sa success ng paglelead natin ng worship.

It can target, change, and uplift the emotions, but not the heart. It can create an atmosphere of worship, but authentic worship is something na nagmumula sa puso ng tunay na sumasamba sa Diyos.

We cannot force the Holy Spirit to move.

We cannot create worship.

Hindi natin ma-foforce ang puso ng tao sa pagsamba.

It is the work of God.

John 4:24, “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

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