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This Is Why Chords – Victory Worship

This Is Why chords by Victory Worship, a Tagalog Christian song from the band written by Aubrey Alamani, Laean Angeles, Jordan Bautista & Sophie Pascual.

Song Title: This Is Why
Victory Worship
Hope Has Come

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Verse I:
Oh, what is man You’re mindful of?
That even though his soul was lost
For him, You/ bore the only cross
That could restore

Verse II:
You saw my past and knew my shame
Yet still You chose to love the same
This is the gift You freely gave
Immeasurable grace

And this is why we sing Your praise
Lift high Your precious holy name
Oh Jesus Christ, th/e Son of God
Because of Your love, our debt is paid


Verse III:
And when I see You face-to-face
There at the end of all my days
Jesus in Y/ou, I will remain
My dwel/ling place

You’re m/y dwelling place
In You /I’ll remain
In Yo/u I’ll remain
In You /I’ll remain


Because of Your love, our debt is paid
Because of Your love, we sing Your praise

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